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Wisdom teeth extraction has come a long way in helping keep patients pain and anxiety free. Dr. Viray Patel of Arcadia Dental Group in Arcadia, Phoenix, Arizona, will prioritize your comfort throughout the entire process. His ultimate goal is to make your wisdom teeth removal as efficient and painless as possible. If you think you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed, call the office for a consultation or book an appointment online today.

Wisdom Teeth Q & A

What is the wisdom teeth extraction procedure?

Dr. Patel will first anesthetize the area around your wisdom teeth. In certain cases where a patient is concerned about discomfort or if they have multiple wisdom teeth to be removed simultaneously, general anesthetic may be more appropriate. Dr, Patel will consult with you before the procedure begins to determine what type of anesthesia is right for you.

If your wisdom teeth haven’t yet erupted through the surface of your gums — or if they’re impacted — Dr. Patel may need to excise some gum tissue from the extraction site. Next, he’ll gently remove the wisdom tooth and stitch the gums shut, if necessary. The procedure takes around 45 minutes.

After your wisdom tooth procedure, you’ll rest in the recovery room until you are feeling comfortable and alert. If general anesthesia is used, you should arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home.

How long does recovery take?

Dr. Patel makes your comfort and recovery an absolute priority, so the entire process is designed to result in minimal discomfort and the shortest possible recovery times. Because wisdom tooth removal involves a surgical incision in the gums, patients typically experience swelling and mild discomfort for up to three days. The extraction site may take a few weeks to completely heal.

Ice packs and over-the-counter pain medication are usually sufficient for most wisdom tooth extractions, but prescription medication is available where necessary.

What should I expect in the 24 hours after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Dr. Patel will customize your recovery plan so that you are as comfortable as possible post-procedure. To improve your chances for a speedy, pain-free recovery, you should follow these general guidelines during the first 24 hours after your wisdom tooth removal:

  • Don’t rinse your mouth or brush your teeth vigorously
  • Avoid drinking caffeinated, alcoholic, carbonated, or hot beverages
  • Don’t suck anything through a straw (sucking through a straw can delay the healing process)
  • Avoid eating solid foods; puddings, ice cream, yogurt, and blended soups are best

If you think you might need your wisdom teeth removed, Arcadia Dental Group can help. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.