Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy

Arcadia Dental Group will use root canal therapy to treat a tooth that has become so badly infected that there are no other options. A root canal is the best course of action to repair and save the tooth.

The Endodontis at Arcadia Dental Group will remove the nerve and pulp and then clean and seal the inside of the tooth.

The term “Root canal” refers to the cavity within the center of the tooth. The pulp or pulp chamber is the soft area within the root canal. The tooth’s nerve lies within the root canal.

When the nerve is removed during a root canal treatment, there are no long term side effects because the tooth’s nerve is not vitally important to a tooth once the adult tooth has grown in.

If a tooth’s nerve tissue or pulp is damaged, it breaks down and bacteria begin to multiply within the pulp chamber. If left untreated, the bacteria can cause an infection or abscessed tooth. An abscess is a pus-filled pocket that forms at the end of the roots of the tooth. An abscess occurs when the infection spreads all the way past the ends of the roots of the tooth. In addition to an abscess, an infection in the root canal of a tooth can cause:

  • Swelling that may spread to other areas of the face, neck, or head
  • Bone loss around the tip of the root
  • Drainage problems extending outward from the root. A hole can occur through the side of the tooth with drainage into the gums or through the cheek with drainage into the skin.

In order to have the best chance at saving the tooth, Arcadia Dental Group recommends seeking treatment the moment you suspect you may have an issue. Call our office at 602-954-2177 to schedule an appointment.

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