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Dental Exam in Arcadia dental exam in Arcadia Arcadia Dental Group

Part of maintaining a healthy smile is regular dental exam in Arcadia. Arcadia Dental Group offers complete diagnostic dental care including complete checkups for the entire family.

A Dental Exam in Arcadia follows a very specific pattern to ensure that all aspects of dental hygiene are covered. The exam is conducted to identify any potential issues both in your oral and overall health

A comprehensive Arcadia dental exam will be performed by the dentists at Arcadia Dental Group at your initial dental appointment.  Regular visits include:

  • X Rays
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Checking for Gum Disease
  • Checking for Cavities
  • Checking existing fillings and crowns, etc.

The dental exam Arcadia should be performed twice yearly to maintain your dental health and to ensure that any problems are addressed immediately before they can develop into anything serious.

During the dental exam, the dentists of Arcadia Dental Group will discuss ways to improve your daily hygiene routine with tips on brushing and flossing and how to improve your diet to ensure that you are taking all possible steps to keep a healthy mouth.

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