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When patient’s teeth are too damaged to be repaired, Arcadia Dental Group will use porcelain or porcelain “pasted-on gold” dental crowns to restore the smile.

Dental crowns are very successful in repairing even the most severe dental problems, even permanently replacing missing teeth to offer a complete smile and a functional bite. Arcadia Dental Group specializes in restorations using dental crowns.  Dental crowns can last upwards of 20-30 years.

For patients requiring dental crowns, Arcadia Dental Group requires two office visits. During the first visit, our dentists will remove the decay, shape the tooth, and fit it with a temporary crown of either plastic or metal.

Once the permanent crown is created, the temporary crown will be removed and the final crown will be placed.  Once the crown is fitted, it will be cemented into place.

  • Crowns are a great option for repairs that address:
  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Offers support to misshapen teeth or badly broken teeth
  • Looks completely natural
  • Fixes “smile” and functional chewing problems.

If you feel that you have a dental issue that can benefit from dental crowns, contact Arcadia Dental Group to schedule an appointment today at 602-954–2177.

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